Happy Endings

Shannon Gulliford

  • City: Edmonton, AB
  • Volunteering since: 2011

I’ve been horse crazy since forever and have worked with and around them since I was 13. I have been involved in many different levels horse sport and purchased several rescue horses of my own to rehab.  I spent 6 years working with an equine vet and was able to assist her in several small animal cases too.  Since moving to Edmonton I have sold my last horse and needed a new focus.  I’ve been a pit bull fan for many years though never had a lot of exposure to them physically.  I feel they are highly mishandled, misjudged and unfairly stereotyped.  I wanted to get involved with something outside my normal horse zone to give myself a break and once finding PBFL, things just started happening.  I love what the rescues do for these dogs, and I am now a proud pittie owner myself!