Happy Endings

Katya Pekh – November

  • City: Edmonton, AB
  • Volunteering since: 2012

When I saw a pitbull for the first time(it happened to be a photo on the internet), I had no idea what type of breed the dog was. All I knew was that I was smitten by the playful look in his eyes and the sweetest smile on his face. I was determined to learn more about the breed.

After countless hours of reading and researching, I was mesmerized my their strong character, great sense of humor, willingness to please, intelligence, love for people and the strong desire to be a family member. At that point I thought “it sounds really great on paper, but I need to meet one(or the more the better!) to confirm that all of those great things can actually fit into one dog!”. Shortly after, I came across the Pitbulls for Life website and saw that they’re having an adoption day in a week. I could not wait for that week to go by faster! I remember that day – the first pitbull I met in person just covered me with pittie kisses! And it happened with every pitbull that I have encountered since!

I am really grateful that PBFL exists to help these wonderful dogs and to show the world their true colours. First I started helping with photography, adoption days, transports and home checks. But now I have also added dog walking and if possible – sleepovers, not only to my PBFL volunteer “resume” but also to the top of my “favourite things to do” list.