Blue's family

When Tiffany and I decided we wanted to bring a dog into our home there was never a doubt in our minds it would be a pit bull. I’ll admit we quickly found ourselves scouring the internet gushing over cute puppies with dreams of bringing one home. Luckily, we had a moment of clarity and remembered there are plenty of adult dogs in need of a loving forever home. With that realization the search was on to find a reputable adoption organization.

We knew friends of ours had adopted their pit bull and asked where they adopted her from and if they were happy with the service they received while dealing with them. They told us they adopted from Pit Bulls for Life and they loved dealing with them. With a few quick key strokes we found the Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta website. From the moment we saw the webpage we could tell the amount of hard work and dedication this organization puts in to caring for these animals.

We clicked the ADOPT tab and were quickly on our way to filling out our adoption application. While we waited for a response from PBFL over the next few days we read through all the dog profiles. That is when we found the Manage-a-bull dog program. We read through what the program was about and came to the agreement that we felt we were perfect candidates to take on the needs of one of these dogs.

From the moment we saw his picture we fell in love with Blue. We read over his bio and felt that we had the proper home and lifestyle to be able to provide to his needs. He is a high energy dog with a very high toy drive and from time to time he lets his brain shut off when he is over stimulated while around toys. Tiffany and I have no other pets and no children which made our house a perfect home for Blue. We are active people and work different shifts so there is minimal time Blue has to spend at home alone.

Within a few days we received a phone call from PBFL and had our phone interview. The volunteer was very informative about the program and was able to answer all of our questions. She also had a little more information for us about Blue as we indicated we were interested in him in our application. She was honest if she didn’t know the answer to a question about Blue and assured us Tia would contact us back as she was personally familiar with Blue.

A week or so after the phone interview we had our home visit. The PBFL volunteer was very polite and walked us through a few more questions and explained what they were looking for while we toured the house. I’ll admit we were nervous for this part as we felt like we would be on trial but it was not the case at all. PBFL cares deeply for their dogs and wants to assure that they set you up with a dog that you can accommodate and have a successful life with.

A while later and it was time for our meet and greet. We arrived at 780 Kennels Inc. and were greeted by Tia Lenz – PBFL President, and Derrick St. Pierre – 780 Kennels Inc. dog trainer. We took a walk with Blue and all of the other manage-a-bull dogs to make sure Blue was the best fit or if another one of the dogs would be better suited for us. To our excitement Blue seemed to take to us and we decided to start the 12 week training program.

We discussed the steps required and what would be needed to adopt Blue. Both PBFL and 780 were honest and upfront with the challenges that we would face adopting one of their manage-a-bull dogs. I cannot express how much this impressed me. As much as they want to find all their dogs a home, their first priority is the dog finding the right home and assuring it will be forever. We came up with a schedule for training that would work for us and they provided us with the required reading. Although we only needed to read 780’s New Dog Training Pack they provided us with all four of 780’s training packs (Pre-Puppy, Puppy, New Dog and Multiple Dog). More assurance I made the right choice. Not only were they concerned about our success with Blue but they wanted to assure we are successful with any dog we may have in the future.

What a great experience! Every week Tiffany and I were so excited to make the drive from Red Deer to Edmonton and train with Derrick and Blue. The bond that Derrick has with Blue is astonishing and he taught us how to slowly develop the same bond. Every week we could see the improvements and how Blue was accepting us as the pack leaders. Derrick was very patient and took the time to discuss and answer any concerns or questions we had. It quickly became clear that the training we were doing was not for Blue but for us. Blue already knew all his commands and what is expected of him. We were the ones that needed to learn dog behavior and how to read Blue’s body language to understand what he was telling us so we could adjust or correct what the issue may be.

After 8 weeks of training we started our 3 month trial period. This gave us an opportunity to address any struggles we may be having in our home with Blue during our last 4 training sessions. We are amazed with how easy transitioning Blue into our home has been. All of the training we were provided truly paid off. 780 ensured we were consistent in our structure and commands and had all the skills necessary to be successful with Blue.

We have never looked back or had second thoughts on if we made the right choice. Blue lights up our life and continues to impress us with his improvements. It takes a lot of patience and consistency to keep him on the right path but we wouldn’t want it any other way. He is such a fun loving dog and worth all the extra effort needed.

We look forward to taking this journey again with both PBFL and 780 in the future when we are ready for another dog and know that they will set us up with another perfect fit into our pack.

We cannot thank PBFL and 780 enough for all their hard work and continued support. Both organizations are full of loving, committed individuals who put all their heart into what they do.

You will never look back, you will never regret it. Open your heart and these dogs will fill them with love, joy and companionship.


~Dave, Tiff & Blue

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