Success Stories

Pitbulls for Life Foundation of Alberta is proud to say that we keep in touch with a lot of our adoptive homes. They give us regular updates which we appreciate so much as these dogs become a part of the Pitbulls for Life family once accepted into the program! The following are some inspirational happy endings for PBFL dogs!

If you have a story like this you would like to share with the world please email us at with an update and pictures!

Jasper formerly Taco!'s Happy Ending

My family said  good-bye to our 14 year old pit-bull  in the fall of 2011. Our hearts were so broken that none of us could even consider another dog. About a year and half later, I came across the Pit-bulls for Life website, and slowly my heart softened as I read about the dogs and cheered when adoptions became final. Wondering if one of these dogs, could be the right one for us. I wanted a dog to complete our family, as our house had been empty for way too long. I wanted a dog to join us mountain biking, hiking, snow-shoeing and running. A dog that could handle the chaos of four active kids. A dog to join us for road trips and camping. To cuddle with us watching movies and at night. A dog that would stay by the kids when they played outside.

After careful consideration, we put in an application to PBFL. We wanted a male, and not a puppy, though Allison at PBFL encouraged us to keep our options open as the right dog could pick us, rather than the other way around. I went with my children to several meet and greets for months, but no luck. Then in September 2013, we were asked if we wanted to meet the little female  puppies. That is when it happened: Jasper, (formerly known as Taco) picked us! She crawled all over us, showering us with puppy kisses! I knew she was our dog!

Jasper is more than a perfect fit for us. She loves her cuddles, and relaxing time, she loves to run beside me in the forest trails. She was a tough little snow shoe partner in the winter. She patiently sat by the soccer fields watching “her kids” play, and has even watched a few hockey practices at the rink. She loves “her friends” that she has met in the neighborhood. She sadly cries at the window when her kids get on the bus in the morning and literally howls with excitement when her favorite people come through the door. She has visited the kids’ schools and is an amazingly calm advocate for her breed. She stays by us on our hikes, even coming back after a brief chases after a deer or rabbit (Whew!). She loves to learn and is obedient. She is bursting with joy and enthusiasm at all life has to offer.

We were curious about her breed so I sent away her DNA to be tested. Her most Dominant breed is Boston Terrier, followed closely by Staffordshire Bull Terrier, then an equal mix of Boxer, Golden Retriever and Mastiff. We can see the different breed shine through with her.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Pit Bulls For Life, for rescuing Jasper! Her mother and sister were judged and discriminated based on their appearances. Because of your rescue efforts, my family is complete! I am thankful for the patience you gave us as we searched for our perfect dog. Jasper is loved beyond measure, we enjoy everything about her, Thank You!!

Randy, Tammy, Jacob, Katie, Grace and Samuel