Success Stories

Pitbulls for Life Foundation of Alberta is proud to say that we keep in touch with a lot of our adoptive homes. They give us regular updates which we appreciate so much as these dogs become a part of the Pitbulls for Life family once accepted into the program! The following are some inspirational happy endings for PBFL dogs!

If you have a story like this you would like to share with the world please email us at with an update and pictures!

Paris (now Jersey)'s Happy Ending


We just wanted to give you an update on who you know are Paris! We have given her a new name, Jersey. Because she looks like a Jersey calf and she does enjoy to munch on grass from time to time. :)

Anyways, Jersey is doing wonderfully she is wonderful on a leash. Need a few corrects when we first start but is great after that. She listens so well and is very smart. She already knows out morning routine and will sit and wait until I give her the go ahead I eat her breakfast. ¬†She has no issues with her crate. She is a girl who looooves to nap. She is not big Ini fetch but where ever Mom goes she goes. Jersey has been an absolute wonderful addition to our family and we love her so much. Pat ( my husband) wants another one and is looking at the other pity’s on the website ¬†allll the time lol.

Thanks again for everything!!!
Kathleen, Pat and Oden