• Breed: Pit Bull X
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2.5 yrs
  • Color: Black with White
  • Weight: 60 Lbs lbs
  • Energy Level: Medium

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Bronx's Bio

My name is Bronx! I am 2 years and 2 months old.

I’m feeling pretty grateful to have found such wonderful people to bring me to this city they call Edmonton. I really like it so far!

Before I came here I was chained up in a yard. Some people that lived close by always saw my people punching me. It wasn`t long after that I was able to leave that horrible home.

Everyone around me is showing me love now. I didn’t know what love was until these nice people brought me here. I feel that safest when I am upstairs. Downstairs makes me nervous. I just want to be close to you. Hang out and chill. I`m really calm and laid back.

Cats have nor will ever be my friends. We have a severe personality conflict. It is impossible for us to ever live in the same home.

My foster mama thinks I`m kind of a goof. LoL. I`m a little clumsy at times because of my long legs. I want to play so bad! I`m learning how to do that  right now.

Sometimes I forget how when my human gives me a toy….I end up digging because it`s a habit I`m trying to let go of.  After what I’ve been through, I’m excited to have my forever home all to myself.  Full of people that can help me reach my potential of all this love I have in my heart.  I want to learn so much and I need someone to teach me.

Kids would have to be the teenage kind because I know they will be patient with me. Sometimes I get so excited I’m afraid I’ll knock a wee one to the ground. I don’t mean too. I’m just big and clumsy. I’ve never shown my humans any aggression. I’m a very sweet boy.

I just need somewhere I can call home. Somewhere to lay my head. A place where I can learn new things. A place where I feel safe.  Somewhere that has humans who I can love and cuddle.

Did you know I am a great cuddler?

I can’t wait to meet you!

Please contact Infinite Woofs for any further questions.