Adoptable Dogs

The following dogs are up for general adoption to the public. These dogs are standard personality type pitbulls and can go to numerous types of homes. If you are interested in applying for one of the following dogs please visit their page and read their bios for more information.

Our 1 week Pre-Adoption Program is designed to ensure that the dog you are interested in, is the right dog for you. This program is encouraged only for those seriously interested in adopting one of our dogs. Before a pre-adoption date can take place, the other prerequisites outlined in the adoption protocol must be fulfilled. We recommend this period to include a weekend as well as a day or two of your normal working schedule.

If you are interested in adopting the dog after the program, one of the Pit Bulls for Life representatives will come to your home and complete the adoption. If you have decided that this is not the dog for your family the dog will be placed back into its foster home and the Pit Bulls for Life team can determine if a pit bull is the breed of dog for you and if we have a more suitable candidate.

Female / 7 yrs / 65 lbs

Male / 2 yrs / 80 lbs

Female / 3 yrs / 70 lbs