B.E.T.R. Dogs

A B.E.T.R. is a dog that is adoptable with special training needs. Pit Bulls for Life believe every dog is suitable for adoption to the right home. To ensure these dogs find their forever home we have teamed up with 780 Kennels Inc. to provide a training program through the 780 Kennels B.E.T.R. Program. This program will help integrate the dog effectively into your home and ensure that you are the leader in every aspect of the dog’s life. You will understand what is expected of you as an owner for that particular dog and how to manage his/her needs appropriately so that you and your dog can live a happy, healthy life together.

Similar to MDP, the adoption process for a Pit Bulls for Life B.E.T.R. dog is extended to a period of 6 weeks. During the 6 week period you will be required to attend regular training sessions with a 780 Kennels Inc. Trainer and your B.E.T.R. dog. There is also opportunity to spend extra time with your B.E.T.R. dog as well as the other dogs in this program that live at the sanctuary.

Male / 2 yrs / 80 lbs

Female / 7 yrs / 65 lbs