Alberta’s First Pit Bull Sanctuary is Now Open

Welcome to Alberta’s First Pit Bull Sanctuary

Pit Bulls for Life Sanctuary NOW OPEN! All of us (not just the dogs) are wagging with excitement thanking all our long- time supporters for making the dream of Alberta’s first Pit Bull Sanctuary come true.

Responsible Rescue

Pit Bulls for Life Sanctuary provides the perfect foundation to build upon for long term sustainability by Responsible Rescue. Your valuable donated time and financial contributions have manifested into Alberta’s First Pit Bull Sanctuary, we invite all to see first-hand that you can make a pawsitive change in the world by supporting Responsible Rescue.

Pit Bulls for Life Sanctuary is located on 50+ acres of rich country soil in Stony Plain, Alberta, home to our Adopt-a-bull, Manage-a-bull and Sanctuary dogs.

Partnering with 780 KENNELS Inc., programs such as our Manage-a-bull Dog Program (MDP) and BETR Program keeps our dogs mentally and physically stimulated at Pit Bulls For Life Sanctuary, while they patiently wait for their forever home, but our emphasis on dog enrichment needs your help. Our dogs need your big heart!

True Low-to-No Kill Policy

While establishing and maintaining a True Low-to-No Kill Policy limits our intake for the time being, with your support we can increase the number of dogs housed at our Sanctuary and the amount of enrichment each dog receives daily.

Pit Bulls for Life Sanctuary has a goal to become Alberta’s headquarters for public education on Dog Rescue Responsibility. Sanctuary Fosters, Adopters & Volunteers (FAV’s) are welcome to participate in FREE Dog Training Workshops, Sanctuary Socials (meet & greets), Fundraisers and of course our annual Pit Bull Day. Together we can help more dogs.

If you haven’t already become a Sanctuary Volunteer or wish to make a donation we suggest you contact us to book an appointment for your Tour!