Adopt a Dog

What is the cost of adoption and what is included?

The Pit Bulls for Life Foundation’s adoption fee for all dogs is $425

** Adoption fee will increase September 1, 2018 to $450 (applications received prior to this date will remain at $425)**

Adoption fee is due in full upon trial conclusion.

This includes:

  • Spaying or neutering
  • Full vaccination including rabies.  All puppies will receive 3 sets of vaccines as recommended by the AVMA.
  • Microchip identification

We pride ourselves on providing the public with advocates for the breed and believe any dog is capable of doing so under the right leadership. If you would like to learn more about the breed or canine leadership our trainers can assist you before you consider adopting.

How can I adopt from Pit Bulls for Life?

Our adoption protocol, if not followed, can become lengthy and complicated. We highly recommend you follow the guidelines so that your dog may come home sooner than later. Our adoption process is intended to ensure that all new dogs placed in the home are going to be in the same home for the lifetime of the newly adopted family member. The potential adopter must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Email us at to request an application
  • The application, if accepted, will be followed by a telephone interview
  • Visit to the sanctuary
  • Meet and Greet with some dogs
  • Trial period in your home
  • Adoption finalization

Pit Bulls for Life will not ship any dog to a potential home. If you live outside of the area that the foster dog lives, all family members of a potential adoption must come to the sanctuary to visit the dog that they are interested in.

One Week Pre-Adoption Trial

Our 1 week Pre-Adoption trial period is designed to ensure that the dog you are interested in is the right dog for you, and that the dog fits into your home and lifestyle.

Puppy Program

If you are interested in adopting a puppy from Pit Bulls for Life you may apply to adopt and remain on our puppy waiting list until a litter arrives.

Puppy classes are provided FREE of charge at 780 Kennels Inc. when you adopt a PBFL Puppy.

Manageable Dog Program

A “Manage-a-bull” is a dog that is adoptable with special training needs. Pit Bulls for Life believe every dog is suitable for adoption to the right home. To ensure these dogs find their forever home we have teamed up with 780 Kennels Inc. to provide a training program through the 780 Kennels Manageable Dog Program. This program will help integrate the dog effectively into your home and ensure that you are the leader in every aspect of the dog’s life. You will understand what is expected of you as an owner for that particular dog and how to manage his/her needs appropriately so that you and your dog can live a happy, healthy life together.

The adoption process for a Pit Bulls for Life “Manage-a-bull” dog is extended to a period of 3 months. During the 3 month period you will be required to attend regular training sessions with a 780 Kennels Inc. Trainer and your Manage-a-bull dog. There is also opportunity to spend extra time with your Manage-a-bull dog as well as the other dogs in this program that live at the sanctuary.

BETR Dog Program

Similar to MDP the adoption process for a Pit Bulls for Life BETR dog is extended to a period of 6 weeks. During the 6 week period you will be required to attend regular training sessions with a 780 Kennels Inc. Trainer and your BETR dog. There is also opportunity to spend extra time with your BETR dog as well as the other dogs in this program that live at the sanctuary.

What support do we have after the adoption?

Pit Bulls for Life takes pride in helping newly adopted dogs and their families with the transition into their forever homes. If the need arises Pit Bulls for Life is always there for questions or concerns that the home may have.  Although we are not in any position to financially care for your dog after adoption we can assist you in behavior concerns that may arise. We encourage you take your dog to 780 Kennels Inc. for training as it helps to ensure that you bond with your dog and understand canine behavior at a higher level. We also offer a half hour FREE training session along with discounts on training and boarding with all our adoptions at 780 Kennels Inc. in Stony Plain AB.

Pit Bulls For Life Sanctuary has a goal to become Alberta’s headquarters for public education on Dog Rescue responsibility. Sanctuary Fosters, Adopters & Volunteers (FAV’s) are welcome to participate in FREE Dog Training Workshops, Sanctuary Socials (meet & greets), Fundraisers and of course our annual Pit Bull Day. Together we can help more dogs.

If you haven’t already become a Sanctuary Volunteer or wish to make a donation we suggest you contact us to book an appointment for your Tour!

Pit Bulls for Life have the right to refuse any potential adopter without reason.

Think you’re ready to adopt? Email us at